Hotmail Login

So what exactly is Hotmail Login? Many people have different queries on how to use this email service and other different kind of problems. You can find various solution to basic problem of this email service here. The new service this email browser provide are really helpful to user with addition of different upgrade to its service such as online storage One Drive, online HD video call Skype and many more. Users can access to this service via Hotmail email address for free which makes a user’s job much easier and efficient.

Simple Steps to Hotmail Login

As we’re all familiar with the Login process of this email service, some of us might have basic problem to the login process. The most important credential while signing in to your email account is your email account and password. Here’s how you Sign In to your Outlook email account in some very simple and easy steps:

  1. Go to, which is the official homepage of this email service.
  2. Enter your email address or username in the box. After you provide legit information click “Next“.hotmail login
  3. Now enter you email password to proceed forward and simply select “Sign in“.hotmail-password
  4. Following the above procedure will eventually redirect you to your Hotmail Inbox. See if you’ve checked ‘Keep me sign in’ option or not.

Note: If you choose to select ‘Keep me signed in’ option while you’re signing in to your email account; the next time you sign in to your Hotmail, you can directly access to your email inbox without providing your login details. So it is very important that you don’t use this option in public devices. Make sure you use it only on your personal PC where nobody has access to it.

There are other ways you can sign in to your email account too where you don’t necessarily need to enter your account’s detail. The different process of sign in includes Single-use code process which allows you to sign in to your email account with just a code.

Don’t have an account yet? Well create your Hotmail Account for free. Here’s a brief learning on how to create a new Hotmail account

  1. Go to or else you can go to, either one will land you on the same page.
  2. Here, in the homepage, click on “Create One” link; just below the email box
  3. Now, you need to provide some of your personal information like your full name, gender, Date of Birth. Also, you need to choose your username for the email id (username must be unique) and as well as choose your password (Choose strong and secure password).
  4. Furthermore you need to enter your mobile number and as well as alternative email address. But these steps are optional. But providing either one is much recommended as it will help you a lot in login problems.
  5. Fill up the image captcha and agree the terms and conditions.

These are the simple steps involved in creating an outlook account.

Learn how to Sign up for Hotmail email account in full detail.

Hotmail Alternative Sign In Process

Basically, this sign in process is for security purpose only which includes while accessing your account in public or anyone’s watching you type your password. The code allows you to sign in to your email account without having to enter your password. So here’s how you use this service in some basic steps:

  • As usual go to
  • Click on the ‘Sign In with a single-use code’.
  • Provide legit information in the given fields with your real email address and your phone number.
  • Now simply select “Text me the code“.

You’ll receive the code within couple of minute but sometimes you’ll need to wait a bit longer like 15 minutes. The code that is provided to you is now key to access your email account. You don’t need to type in your password to sign in to your email account.

Note: This Alternative Hotmail login process itself clarifies that this code works only the one time. After you use the code to sign in to your account now the code expires automatically. So this is one of the safest way to sign in to your account.

2017 Update: As there’s been some changes in Hotmail login homepage as well as the services that Hotmail use to offer, now the users are not allowed to use Single use code option. Actually, it is not available in the homepage like it used to. However, as far as we know, Microsoft team has not officially announced the termination of this alternative login process. We will keep you updated about this.

People find many problems while logging in to their Windows MSN email account where the problem varies from person to person. But not only this login problem is seen in this email service but also in different popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL mail etc. Here we are going to discuss about different problems seen while logging in to Hotmail email login.

Find out detail Sign in Help procedure for Hotmail Login itself. You can step by step guidance to help gain access to your email account.

Hotmail Login Problems

Here are some basic problem that arises while signing in to your email account which I’ll go through briefly:

  1. Some of us might have familiar problem such as Forgotten Username or Password. It’s the most common problem many user face, now the first thing to do when you don’t remember your username. You can use your phone number as an alternative of your username. Make sure you use the number you provided to Microsoft.
    The other problem is when you forget your password, select Forgot my password option then any option among the three options provided to you. This is definitely help you regain access to your account.forgot hotmail password
  2. You have provided correct information but still can’t access to your email account. This is one of the silly mistake different user makes by capitalization of letters while typing in the information. Make sure you don’t use any capital letter on your email details unless it consists of one.
  3. Make sure you use the right domain i.e. either or or because the old users had as their domain whereas the new ones has too. Although nowadays while signing up for you can choose whichever domain you want.
  4. Sometimes for specific reason your email account gets temporarily suspended so in that case try again after 24 to 48 hours gap.

Although there are many popular email services at the moment such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL mail and many more. Outlook Login has been able to provide one of the best email services to their users in many possible ways. The services are much more faster and really reliable to use in all possible kind of ways. The old users of Hotmail are familiar with the service. As they are directly redirected to whereas the newbies should access through itself.

The user now don’t need to worry about their email account privacy because this newer version of Hotmail has made sure to keep a user’s email account safe with maximum security where there is slight chance of getting hacked. Even if a user forgets any login details whatsoever he/she can easily get access to their email account with some few steps

In Conclusion,

Hotmail or is one of the oldest email service provider available in the world which was launched in 1996. With a lot of major update to its server the service kept on changing its service name. At the very beginning it changed its service name from Hotmail to MSN Hotmail as the service name. Then again it was changed to Windows Live Hotmail whereas now it is known as

This was the final version and the last time Hotmail changed its service with a whole lot of new features and which is quite user friendly. Since the last time Outlook kept record of total users in February 2013, the count was 420 million users.