Hotmail Mobile Login

At the moment there are a lot of email services that provide easy access to email Inboxes in a matter of seconds. There’s no denying that Hotmail Email is one of the best email services out there and therefore it provides some definite easy access to a user’s email account. A user can save a lot of time by using Hotmail Mobile login. email’s application is available on any handheld platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS. This email service has changed its service name a couple of time from Hotmail to Windows Live login to MSN. However, if you want to use this email service in your handheld device make sure you search for which is the official app of this email service.

You can now login to Hotmail in a very short period of time without any difficulty as it is quite convenient. The application have almost the same features available in the Desktop version. This version of email for some reason user find it easier to use and easy access through their emails. Hence, the service is now much more flexible than ever.

In this post you can find detailed information to Hotmail Mobile Login on each platforms.

Hotmail Login Android Device

If you do have an Android device you can experience Hotmail’s email app in your devices in no time. You can perform a lot of activities within the Android app itself such as gaining access to your Inbox, Compose an email, files attachments, calendar login and many more. However, there are constant updates to the application making it much more better in every updates.

Here’s how you use Hotmail Android. Follow these simple steps to continue.

  • Go to Google Play Store.
  • Search for ‘Microsoft Outlook’ which is the official app of the email service itself.
  • Download the application. After the completion of download it automatically gets installed.
  • Now provide your login credentials to fully access your Hotmail Inbox.

Hotmail Mobile | iOS Device

As discussed before not only is available in Android devices but it is also available in any Apple devices. However in order to use the service in your Apple devices you’ll need to download the official app. Follow these simple steps to be able to use this app in your any Apple devices.

  • Go to App Store. Search for ‘Microsoft Outlook’. Download the official application to your Device.
  • Once downloaded and fully installed, open the app. Select any options provided by the application.
  • Now all you need to do is Sign In to your email account by providing required information i.e. Hotmail username and password.

Hotmail on Windows Phone

In this platform you don’t need to download the application because Windows phone are products of Microsoft. Windows phone’s default email application is Microsoft Outlook itself. Having said all you need to do now is provide necessary login information to continue to your Hotmail Inbox. Which means, if you don’t have a Hotmail Account, you can not fully access the apps in your windows phone. Just like you need a Gmail for Android and Apple ID for iOS, Outlook is needed for Windows.

Using the mobile version of Outlook helps user in many different ways. An introduction to handheld version of email has made it much easier to use.  You can organize your Hotmail Inbox with features such as prioritizing an email. Meaning you can choose which email remains on the top of your Inbox. Attach files with much more efficiency, easy calendar access and many other top features are included in the Mobile version of Hotmail.