How to Reset/Recover your Hotmail Email Password

Can’t Login to your Outlook email account, are you locked out of your email account? These sort of problems are seen weeks after weeks from user all over the globe. In order to gain access to your Outlook email account you’ll need to complete Hotmail email login credentials which can be completed only if you provide legit information such as Hotmail username and password itself.

When to Reset Hotmail Password? The condition supplies only when you’re locked out of your Windows Live email account. You should only reset your Hotmail password when you forget your email password. There are many reasons why you can access to your email account such as Forgot Username and of course forgot password too.

How to Reset Hotmail Password?

  1. Visit Enter your email address or username.
  2. Choose ‘Forgot my Password’ option as shown in this picture below.
  3. Now select ‘I forgot my Password’ option and proceed.
  4. Complete a short procedure as shown in the picture.
  5. A security code will be given to you via call or message. If you haven’t provided Microsoft your phone number then choose ‘I don’t have any of these’ i.e. the other two options: Call or Text security code. Provide your trusted ones’ email and proceed while in the process they will ask you some questions based on your email account such as account creation date, any precious passwords and others. You should provide exact information or else this process wouldn’t work.
  6. Now the security code allows you do choose a new password.

Following this process you have now completed reset outlook password procedure allowing you to freely access to your email account once again. The main factor behind this whole procedure is due to poor management of email passwords. In my previous post we discussed about Hotmail Change Password in which I’ve included about choosing secure password etc. and tips for remembering it.


So here are some tips that will help you recover your email account quickly and always keep it safe and secure plus some key factors to help you remember your password.

  • Always provide legit information to Microsoft such as your phone numbers, alternative email address and others. It can help you to easily regain access to your email account if you are locked out. Find out different login problems seen in the login procedure.
  • Choose a strong password but the one you can remember it easily. Here are some tips for selecting strong password.
  • If you haven’t provided Microsoft your phone number or any alternative username. It is best to provide them such information so that you will have backup for account recovery option.
  • Don’t use ‘Keep me signed in’ tool if you’re in public. This tool allows auto sign in to your account. If you use this option make sure you use it through your PC only where no one has access to it.